When To Contact Auto Accidents Attorneys

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Law Services

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If you are involved in an auto accident, chances are you will be shaken up and confused, perhaps even seriously injured. When this happens, there are going to be many questions asked that need to be answered including the fault, which has to be determined and decisions that have to be made. Who is going to repair your car? Who is going to pay all the medical bills? Who will pay for your lost wages while you are incapacitated and unable to work? These are the types of questions that are best answered by experienced auto accidents attorneys in Rosemont.

Auto accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, as such, there is no good reason for you to face the insurance company and its legal team alone. Attorneys that do work on contingency get paid once the case is settled. In the event they do not prevail, you are not faced with paying legal fees.

Attorneys know the law:

The law is extremely complex, and rarely would a layperson have a working knowledge of the law and the procedural rules. Not knowing can have a serious impact on the outcome of your case; do not forget that insurance companies are well represented. When you hire auto accidents attorneys in Rosemont, you are on an equal footing; there is no need for you to know the law, you now have a professional advocate on your side.

Your attorneys will make a serious effort to settle the case out of court. Should this not prove to be possible, the best attorneys will not hesitate to take the case to court and let a jury decide what the case is worth. Insurance companies know from experience that juries rarely have sympathy for them, just the threat of a lawsuit usually is all it needs to get a fair settlement.

Once you have hired an auto accident attorney, you have effectively “leveled the playing field.” You have someone that has your best interests at heart; this is not something you can expect from the insurance company.

If you have been involved in an auto accident you may need to hire the best auto accidents attorneys in Rosemont to ensure a satisfactory settlement. For a no obligation consultation, contact The Law Offices of Daniel E Goodman, LLC.

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