When to Consult with a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Lacey, WA

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on August, 2018

An unfortunate reality of any work environment is that accidents can happen. While it is true that some work environments and job tasks are riskier than others, all employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance in case employees sustain accidents on the job. Employers are also responsible for taking preventative measures to ensure accident risks are mitigated.

People who have sustained an accident while at work can click here to consult with a workers’ compensation attorney in Lacey, WA. Although employees are required to seek treatment from an employer-designated doctor or medical facility, reviewing all options is important to ensure all bases are covered.

Workers’ Compensation

Employers carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect against liability in the event employees are involved in mishaps while working. Many employers require those involved in accidents to undergo a drug and alcohol test immediately following the accident to rule out cause. If an employee tests positively for drugs and alcohol, the employer is often released from liability and having to cover the employee’s medical expenses related to any sustained injuries and lost wages. In some cases, an employee can be dismissed from their job if found to be under the influence.


A workers’ compensation attorney in Lacey, WA can be of benefit if a person sustains serious injuries from the workplace. Sometimes those injuries can carry long-term repercussions that are not immediately evident following initial treatment. Furthermore, even though employers are required to ensure safety, this does not always happen the way it should. An attorney can help investigate whether an employer was following due diligence and ensure the employee’s best interests are served. Payment for medical treatment and lost wages by an employer due to accidents on the job are usually taken instead of suing the employer, but not always.

If an employee is certain that an employer violates safety protocols, it can be better to seek legal representation. A worker may be able to get additional payment and benefits for long-terms injuries than he or she would through the employer’s normal process. Injuries sustained from workplace accidents can be life-changing and employers are usually concerned with the entity’s interests.

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