When Should You Hire Social Security Disability Lawyers in Madison?

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Business

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If you feel that you are going to be out of work for any length of time, and it is due to a valid disability, you’ll want to get in touch with the best Social Security Disability lawyers in the Madison area. This is because too many people feel they can go it alone and this can often reduce their changes at getting their case approved. If you speak with experts in this matter, most will say “The most important reason to hire an attorney to help with your disability case is that your chances of being approved are significantly increased.”

The Question of When

Of course, just when to hire attorneys to help with an SSDI case is the question, and is so often the case in many things, is the sooner, the better. Many people hesitate to get in touch with legal experts because they fear they don’t have the funds for a retainer or any up-front fees. The thing about an SSDI case is that there are federal laws around payments. For instance, your attorney can charge a fee that is strictly in line with federal laws (usually either 25% of the disability awarded OR $6k). They don’t ask for any money upfront, either, because most will operate on a “contingency” basis, meaning they get paid only when you do.

Other Benefits

Of course, there is more to working with an attorney than the increased chances for approval. There is also the fact that they do most of the work, including applications, documentation and many court appearances. They alleviate much of the stress of pursuing your case, and they can give you the kind of advice that can ensure your greatest chances for approval. They can file appeals and will be able to collect and submit the kind of documentation, and evidence needed for reconsideration. As that same expert said, “your lawyer can collect and submit relevant medical evidence, obtain an opinion from your doctor, draft a detailed brief to the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), and prepare you for the judge’s questions.”

Getting Help

Why go it alone when that sort of qualified and useful support is just ready and waiting for you? If you require the help of Social Security Disability lawyers in Madison, Gillick, Wicht, Gillick & Graf is the answer. With decades of experience in Social Security and Worker’s Compensation cases, they are the experts you need.

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