When Is The Right Time To Talk To A Disability Attorney?

by | Apr 14, 2015 | Attorney

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Social Security disability law is very complex, there are a great number of obscure rules and regulations and they change often. Social Security in the US is a federal government program, the administration is charged with the responsibility of managing the program and it is not easy to be approved for benefits. Approximately 70 percent of all first applications are denied; this then subjects them to a long, drawn out appeal process. If you are disabled and you are looking at making application for benefits you should consider discussing your unique situation in detail with a disability attorney in Florida that knows the system well and can guide you.

There is no difficulties in determining what a disability attorney will cost, the fee structure is straight forward and is mandated by the government. If the attorney is unsuccessful in getting you benefits there are no fees at all, the attorney only gets paid when the case is won. When the attorney is successful the fees are simply 25 percent of the back-pay up to a maximum of $6,000. The benefits of having a seasoned disability attorney by your side are numerous. It is important to know when to call for assistance.

Why hire a disability attorney?

When you are represented by a disability attorney in Florida your chances of success are higher that they would be without an attorney. There are many applicants who go ahead and begin the process independently and then find that they have to face various levels of appeal in hopes that they eventually are approved. Statistically there are far fewer independent applicants who are approved than there are applicants that are represented by an attorney.

The entire process, from the initial application through the final stage of the appeals process is difficult for a layperson to understand and deal with. Disability law is complicated but attorneys who deal with it on a daily basis know exactly how to apply the law so they present their client’s case to the Social Security Administration in the best possible light. From the initial application the attorney can offer guidance on what impairment that is recognized by the SSA your disability meets and he or she can help develop a persuasive case. Even though you have legal representation, do not be discouraged if the initial application is denied. When your case is denied and you are facing the appeals process your attorney can gather additional evidence that will support your claim. The attorney can get opinions from medical professionals and prepare you for the questions you can expect to be asked at the appeals hearing.

When to hire an attorney:

Although you can wait until your application is denied it is always best to engage a disability attorney in Florida from the outset. Start with asking the attorney for a free case evaluation and let the attorney decide the merits of the case from the outset.

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