What You Need to Know About Pool Liner Replacement in Long Island, NY

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Swimming Pool

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Pool liners eventually fail and need replacement no matter what brand people choose. The liner can last as little as five years or for a couple of decades. The owners can do a lot to extend the life of their liner, but it is also important to know when to buy a replacement. Leaking liners cause water waste and could eventually lead to damage to the pool. Here is what all pool owners should know about their liner.

Protect the Liner

Keep the water pH level balanced properly, avoid wearing clothing or using toys not made for pool use and always be careful when cleaning the pool. Anything not designed to go in a pool could scratch or tear the liner. The correct balance of the chemicals in the water help to protect all the swimmers, but also the liner material.

Watch Water Level

Sunlight can affect the liner more if it is not filtering through the water. Keep the water level at the proper depth to avoid excess exposure. Do not empty the pool if not planning to replace the liner. The material shrinks quickly once it is dry. Work quickly and keep some water in the pool to hold the liner in place if maintenance or extreme cleaning make it necessary to lower the water level. If draining the pool is necessary, consider a pool liner replacement in Long Island NY as a part of the expenses of the project.

Replace as Needed

No liner will last forever no matter how carefully a homeowner cares for their pool. A pool needs a Pool Liner Replacement in Long Island NY when the material begins to wrinkle, crack or fade. It is possible to patch small rips in an otherwise usable liner, but age-related problems mean the liner is dry and brittle. Patches will not last. Also, buy a replacement if the liner looks fine, but water evaporation increases.

Talk to an expert about pool liner replacement. They can give an estimate of time and cost. Remember that this is also a good time to perform any patching and repairs or replacement of any broken equipment or faulty plumbing. Get a free quote on a liner today.

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