Finding a Reputable Provider for a Bail Bond in Midwest City, Oklahoma

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Bail Bond

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Individuals in need of a bail bond in Midwest City Oklahoma may not know what to look for when choosing a professional of this type. For many people, discovering the need for a bail bond for a loved one is enough to set them in a panic. Finding they have selected a disreputable provider only compounds their stress. The state has laws in place regarding who may issue the bond. Following is an overview of what the state requires before someone can work in this capacity.

Initial Qualifications

In order to qualify as a bail bondsman, a person must meet certain requirements. First and foremost, he or she must be 21 years of age or older and a citizen of the country. Furthermore, he or she must be a resident of the state for a minimum of one year before applying for this type of license. A high school diploma is required and the individual has to be of good character. A felony conviction or guilty plea precludes a person from operating in this capacity.


Before a person may act as a bail bondsman in the state of Oklahoma, he or she must take part in certain classes. The classes take place over a 16 hour period, as required by state law. Anyone who has not completed this requirement may not legally offer bail bonds in the state. Continuing education courses must also be completed once the license has been obtained to ensure the individual is aware of changes to state law regarding bail bonds.

In addition, a student is required to take an exam before working as a bail bondsman in Oklahoma. A passing grade of 70 or higher on this exam is needed before a license will be issued, and individuals who fail the exam may retake it for a total of three times. If the individual fails the exam three times, he or she must wait one year before trying again.

Licensed Attorneys

Many people ask if their licensed attorney may sign the bond. They cannot at this time sign any bond as surety. This is true for both civil and criminal cases.

Visit us to learn more about the requirements a person must meet before he or she can issue a Bail Bond in Midwest City Oklahoma. This information is of great help when the time comes to choose a provider. Head over to the site immediately.

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