What To Look For When Purchasing A Coolant Separator

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Separators

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Coolant separators serve a specific function in the metalworking business. Their intent is to remove various materials from the liquid coolant. In doing so, a coolant separator provides cleaner coolants. As such, it is an effective tool in preserving the equipment essential for cutting, drilling and otherwise modifying metal workpieces.

These devices are both for CNC machining centers and individual equipment. They work with lathes as well as various types of robotic devices. Companies choose them for their effectiveness to separate such things as tramp oil in various machine tool systems.

What to Consider

When purchasing coolant separators for your shop, it is essential to consider various factors. The budget and is its restrictions are one significant component of the decision making process. However, you must also look at other significant and work-related aspects that can affect the function of the equipment. These include:

* Type: Is a portable or dedicated unit more suitable?

* To Customize or Not: Does the metalworking machinery require a standard or customized separator?

* Operation Requirements: Look for one that requires almost no attention from machine operators

* Maintenance: It needs to require little to no maintenance

* Installation: It must be easy to install

* Power Source: Does it require a separate power source?

* Leak Proof: Construction must be such that the device is leak-proof

* Cost: The device needs to be, at the very least, economical, at the most – cost-effective.

Above all, it is important that the coolant separator be highly effective, returning coolant back to the coolant sump virtually free from all contaminants.

Buying a Coolant Separator

When considering the purchase of coolant separators, always look at the budget. However, you need to place it within context. Ask yourself how the installation of a coolant separator may influence productivity. Consider not only the potential for reduced labor costs but also the benefits for both the equipment and the employees.

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