Tips For Buying Industrial Hose Fittings In Texas

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Oil Field Equipment Supplier

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As an independent retailer or direct seller in the Texas oil fields, it is critical to have the parts and materials inventory your customers need. In addition, working with a reliable stocking manufacturers’ representative to ensure you have the ability to maintain your inventory and to deal with regular and unique orders is an important part of building your brand and reputation.

One of the many parts that are always in demand in the oil field is industrial hose fittings. This can include all types of hose fittings used in the oil and gas industry for fluid handling systems, drilling rigs, production, and processing as well as other applications.

To find the best supplier and selection of industrial hose fittings, it is a good idea to spend some time browsing online and talking to the company reps. With just a few questions it will be easy to determine if the stocking manufacturers’ representative has the inventory, the produce selection and the ability to get the order shipped quickly.

Inventory and Customer Service

Whether it is a special order or for regular stocking of standard industrial hose fittings for your business, the reputation of the supplier for fast order turnaround and quick delivery is critical.

Companies that have minimal inventory levels are more likely to have to short orders or simply be unable to fill orders, leaving your sales reps to deal with customers. Finding out how long the stocking manufacturers’ representative has been in business and what type of inventory they carry is always critical.

Shipping Location

When your oilfield supply business is in Texas, it makes sense to work with a supplier also in the state. This allows for a reduction in shipping times and also makes it possible to consider order pickup if a viable option.

Compare inventory, supply, reputation, and location before choosing a supplier for your oilfield parts and materials.

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