What to Look For When Opting For Dumpster Containers in San Antonio, TX

Sometimes there are instances when you feel as though there are not many trash containers in the neighborhood, which results in waste piling up on the streets. Hence you might wonder which trash container rental will be good for your and your neighbor’s property. There are certain things to look out for.

Variety of Sizes

If a trash container rental company has one size fits all containers, they may not fit your needs. Hence choosing a service provider that has many sizes in dumpster containers in San Antonio, TX, to choose from would be the right way to go about it.


Some communities require that you have a permit before installing a dumpster at your property. A good service provider will know this and will inform you accordingly when you place an order. Additionally, you must look up if you can keep dumpster containers in San Antonio, TX, without a permit.


Safety is a big concern as once the dumpster is dropped off, it can cause damage to your property. Learn how the company will deliver the dumpster to you to keep your lawns and yards safe from any damage. Ask the service providers if the dumpster containers in San Antonio, TX, they use has a hook and haul system that will enable them to carry the trash container to your place.

No Hidden Charges

You must lay out all the requirements and usage of the dumpster, so the service provider can advise you on the right size and how much you can fill the container. Once you do that, they will give you a fee quote with all charges mentioned.