What People Need to Know About Income Tax preparation in New York City

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Accounting

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Filing income tax in New York is a mandatory requirement from the state. It is mostly applicable if one is a resident there. There is free Income Tax Preparation in New York City available if one earns an income of $54,000 or less if there one has any children. Volunteers who are certified by International Revenue Service prepare the tax on people’s behalf at no cost.

For people earning, their taxable income ranges from 2.9%-3.88%. Some companies have come up with software that facilitates Income Tax preparation in New York City. If the earnings are above the stated $54,000, find accounting businesses that specialize in tax preparation.

When looking for companies to help in the process, always ensure that they are registered tax preparers. When filing on behalf of their clients, the preparers are required to e-file the returns. Preparers are required to register with IRS and the New York State separately. For commercial tax preparers, they have to pay $100 as registration fee especially if the preparer files tax returns.

When looking for companies that offer filing tax returns, it is important to note the following.

Keen Analysts

Many companies offer tax solutions but getting one that takes each client’s case differently is what to look out for in a firm. Work towards finding a company that analyses each income tax issues with much precision to give satisfying solutions.


Always compare and contrast on the price. Different companies offer different packages on the income tax preparation. The company that one settles on should fit within the budget to avoid overspending.

Advisory attributes

Everybody wants a firm that listens to individual demands. For business owners, it is always advisable to have a company help along the way to ensure the minimization of taxes. Find a competitive business that looks out for their clients and advises them accordingly. A firm that offers consultation services always gets ahead of getting more customers than one that does not have.

Income tax often comes in terms of personal and business taxes. It is seasonal between January to April hence the need for a company to diversify. These firms may have other business-related solutions to ensure that they work all year long. Visit  for all income tax preparation services.

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