What Lindenhurst Slip And Fall Lawyers Consider

by | Aug 8, 2017 | Law Services

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There are many different ways that a person can slip and fall and be injured on public or private property in and around the Lindenhurst area. While those that are injured often feel that someone else is to blame, it is up to slip and fall lawyers to determine if any type of negligence occurred or if there is an action against the Premises Liability Act.

The Requirements

The first step for any slip and fall lawyers is to determine if there is a possibility for a recovery. This is not always as straightforward as it may seem as there needs to be proof that the injury was caused by the property owner being negligent or careless.

In addition, the lawyer has to be able to demonstrate that the plaintiff, the injured person, was owed a duty by the defendant (the property owner). For instance, if a store is washing the floor or has areas under construction, they have a duty to provide adequate signage and warnings to notify customers.

Additionally, if the property owner knew there were unsafe conditions, such as ice or snow buildup, and failed to correct the situation in a reasonable time, he or she would be negligent.

Contributory Negligence

In Illinois, there is a system known as contributory negligence. This means that the percentage of liability of all parties is considered. In some cases, the injured party may have some level of negligence in the fall. Texting and walking and failing to notice a sign or walking into an area that is clearly unsafe without being aware of the surroundings would be considered contributory negligence.

All slip and fall lawyers will also need to verify that the injury occurred as a direct result of the slip and fall. This is important as many people in Lindenhurst have pre-existing conditions, but that doesn’t mean that the fall didn’t result in pain and the need for medical treatment.

As this can be complicated, talking to an attorney and providing the facts and information about the specific case is always important.

In Lindenhurst, talking to slip and fall lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C. is the first step in your case. To find out more see us at www.robertedenslawoffice.com.

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