What Is An Immediate Payday Loan?

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2015

As much as everyone wants to avoid it, there are times when additional funds are needed before the next payday rolls around. Cash advance loans or an immediate payday loan is available, these loans are designed to be short term and they do carry relatively high rates of interest. There is very little fuss when applying for a loan of this nature, usually the only things that are needed is valid identification and a copy of a recent pay stub. In many cases, since the term of the loan is predictable, the individual wishing the loan will give the lender a postdated check in the amount of the money loaned plus the fee. The lender must provide documents to the borrower that indicate the terms of the loan which include the annual interest rate as well as any charges that will be assessed in the event the payment is late. Once these simply issues have been attended to, the borrower will get the cash. Under ideal conditions, the money will be paid back in full on the borrowers next payday. If, for whatever reason the loan cannot be paid back at this time it can be rolled over.

An immediate payday loan is an expensive way of getting fast money but at times there are no alternatives. If a child is ill or the car breaks down these are things that must be attended to. If the borrower can pay the entire amount owed on the date of his or her check the loan might be expensive but it is an affordable method to get fast cash. The problem occurs when the loan cannot be paid as agreed; even when a partial payment is made the balance is subject to late fees and additional interest.

There are many extenuating circumstances that make an immediate payday loan attractive. It’s most unfortunate but in today’s unpredictable economy there are many people who literally live from one payday to the nest and as a result, any unforeseen expense can spell disaster. In situations like this the only way out is cash. Most people will try to loan money from within their family but when this is not possible an immediate payday loan will work. If this is the only source of quick cash only borrow as much as you know you can repay next payday. Resist any temptation to resort to an immediate payday loan for anything but a true financial emergency, never use this money for a whimsical purchase.

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