Improving your Media Relations in Chicago

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Business

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One of the most powerful promotional tools you can have for your business or organization is good publicity. This is a great way to get people to notice your organization and what you can offer. There is a wide range of different ways to utilize media for your own benefits. You may choose to focus on print media and make use of posters, newspaper advertisements and magazine spreads, or you could invest in commercials on the radio or television. Ultimately, deciding on your method of choice is the first step in improving your media relations in Chicago, after that, working with a PR firm that has experience in displaying your company in the best light is the right choice to make.

Creating Your Media List

The media list is a key component to your overall media relations. It’s a listing of journalists, television companies, radio stations and other media outlets which may be interested in spreading information about your company or organization. Finding out which media outlets may be more beneficial to you is important. Instead of handling this yourself, a PR firm can dig into the details and decide which will benefit you. For example, radio stations that focus on financial information and talk shows may be the best option for a business that focuses on finance. Additionally, magazines, brochures, local radio and local television stations may be most interested in organizations that are setting up community events, sponsored events, award ceremonies or other similar events the public would take interest in.

Finding the Right PR Firm

There are an abundance of PR firms to consider when you are starting out with your media relations. Finding a firm with experience should, of course, be your first course of action. The more experience a firm has, the more resources they have at your disposal. They have built up working relationships with a range of people within radio, television, print and online outlets. This gives you a unique advantage over your competition, and cuts out the required time you may have otherwise needed to build the relationships yourself. Another added benefit an experienced firm has is that they understand the changing media landscape and can adjust your media relations campaign to better reflect that. Their guidance can help you pull well ahead of your competition, or to simply gain more interest in your organization, company or services.

When you’re in need of a firm to help improve your media relations in Chicago, consider Motion PR. Their experience in this ever changing field is a valuable asset to have at your disposal.

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