What Does a Dog Do in Doggie Daycare?

by | Sep 5, 2017 | Dog Day Care

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When children go to daycare, they interact with other children, play with toys, and learn new things. They are secure and healthy, monitored by caring and accredited staff. Parents know while they are at work, their children at daycare are safe and sound until they are picked up in the evening. The exact same thing is true of doggie daycare. Dogs in doggie daycare in Pennsylvania socialize with other canines, and in the process have the opportunity to learn healthy prosocial canine interactions. Likewise, dogs in doggie daycare in Pennsylvania have ample recess time, during which they have access to outdoor space to run around in and interactive toys and games with human facilitators. During their time at doggie daycare, dogs receive a high quality canine diet and opportunities for going to the bathroom.

Doggie daycare might not be necessary for all dogs. Older dogs who are used to being at home alone might not need doggie daycare, for example. However, families that recently moved to Pennsylvania might notice that their pets are stressed out from the new environment. In those cases, it can be helpful to place the dog in doggie daycare to relieve the separation anxiety until the dog is used to the new home. Young dogs and especially puppies benefit tremendously from doggie daycare. Many pet owners would consider doggie daycare an essential service because without it, the puppy might cry all day or do some damage to the house.

Concerns about dog safety are totally alleviated with doggie daycare. Instead of wondering if your dog tried to escape again, or whether your neighbor remembered to take the dog for a walk, the dog owner has the peace of mind knowing that professionals are taking care of everything. Doggie daycare is as crucial for pet owners as child daycare is for parents.

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