Preparing Your Canine Friend for Doggie Daycare

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2018

Choosing a pet kennel to house your dog while you are away can be a tough and emotionally-charged decision. As a pet owner, you want to make sure that your pooch is completely comfortable and happy while you are gone. You may start to worry about how they’re being taken care of, how they feel, and whether or not they are missing home. To put your mind and the mind of your dog at ease, there are a few things you can do to help prepare them for a daycare situation. That way, when the day comes to hand them over to a luxury daycare kennel, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Ask About Qualifications and Certifications
Any highly-rated doggie daycare should be up to standard with all safety certifications and requirements for care. As a pet owner, you have every right to ask about the standard of living of the pets while they’re being housed by the staff. Also, you can ensure that the staff has at least one person who is CPR and first-aid certified.

Get Your Pet’s Medical History Ready
If your dog has any healthy or medical concerns, or if you feel that there is anything the kennel staff should know, be sure to have their papers printed and ready to hand over. The kennel may want to know if your dog is spayed or neutered if they are up to date on their vaccinations, and if there are any other health concerns.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Evaluated
Before you sign all of the official papers and leave your dog at the kennel while you go on vacation, the staff will likely want to perform a few tests and evaluations to ensure that your dog can handle themselves with you away. They will give your dog a private assessment without you there, to watch how it reacts. The staff will take notes on the assessment and let you read it before you officially sign things over.

Practice Socializing Your Dog
Your dog may come into contact with other furry friends during their stay at the doggie daycare. They should be well socialized, and able to handle themselves in a friendly manner around other dogs. If they are not fit to socialize, be sure to tell the staff up front, so they know what to do.

Visit a Luxury Pet Kennel
K9 Resorts in Scotch-Plains Fanwood is a luxury pet hotel that offers quality boarding situations and the best in care and quality for your furry friend. The next time you plan a vacation, make sure K9 Resorts is your trusted kennel to take care of your beloved pooch.

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