Wedding Chuppahs in Maui Are Offered in Various Colors and With or Without Sheers

Posted by Daniel lawrence on May, 2017

A wedding chuppah is a type of canopy that is used during a Jewish wedding ceremony. The covering is a symbol of the soon-to-be-married couple’s home. The tapestry of the structure is held up by four poles. However, this important accessory is not merely set up for ceremonial reasons.

Why Chuppahs Are Important

Wedding chuppahs in Maui enable a couple’s marriage status to be realized. Besides representing a groom and bride’s new residence, the chuppah represents the bridal chamber, which is the place where a marriage was consummated in ancient times.

When Chuppahs Were First Recognized

The tapestry canopies that represent wedding chuppahs were first recognized by Rabbi Moses Issereles during the 1500s. However, the Talmud has always considered the chuppah as a sacred requirement for marriage. The construction of the accessory is notably simple. The tallit or cloth is merely spread across four poles. However, it is important to affix the cover to the top of the poles and not their sides.

An Object of Art

Wedding chuppahs were historically considered objects of art. As a result, the tapestries today may be adorned with a floral canopy. However, beauty may rest in a more simple design that is represented by the symbol of a tallit secured at the top of four transportable poles, each held by a member of the wedding party.

While the chuppah is a legal instrument, the symbol of the canopy also expresses a statement that teaches a couple that the basic roof of the chuppah supports the beginning of a marriage. This important symbology underscores the establishment of a couple’s home where the two people are set apart from the crowd.

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