Finding the Right Dealership for Volkswagens

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on May, 2017

There are many different designs of Volkswagens, and you want to find the perfect one for you. From Sedans like the Jetta, to the Beetle convertible, you may find it overwhelming. Here is what to look for in a professional dealership.

Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Salesmen are human and don’t know every detail about every car, so do some research about what you would like in yours. Decide if you are buying or leasing, and consider each option. Ask for history reports such as Carfax, as well as the invoice.

What Should a Good Salesperson Act Like?

A good salesperson should be trustworthy, and apply no pressure on you. The salesman should use clear communication and make the process easy. Professional and polite, they would be attentive to their customers’ needs. With no games, the price would be as was it was negotiated.

Where Should I Look?

Clearly, if you wanted a Volkswagen and saw a VW dealership in Joliet, that would be the first stop. Some people travel quite far to find the model and deal they want. Search online to find dealerships to compare.

What Do I Need at the Dealership?

To make the process go along a little quicker, make sure you have all your paperwork. Your driver’s license might seem to be obvious, but you have to drive the car off the lot and if you present a check for payment, it needs to be compared. That being said, bring your choice of payment—check, credit card, loan, etc. You need the title for your trade-in vehicle, as well as proof of insurance. If you have a trade-in loan, then you will need the account number.

When you go car shopping, go on Tuesday. All the peak traffic for dealerships is on weekends, when most people are off work. Tuesday has the lowest foot traffic. If you can’t make Tuesday, try any other day during the work week.

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