Warning Signs Your Soil Is Bad and What You Can Do to Fix It

by | Apr 20, 2018 | Landscaping

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Each year, 117 million Americans create gardens on their property. However, being successful with your garden can be difficult. An essential element of growing healthy plants and vegetables is using high-quality soil.

In some cases, your soil may be unsuitable for a number of reasons. Hiring top soil suppliers in the Albany, NY area can help you replace this bad soil. Here are some of the warning signs to watch for.

Issues With Low Nitrogen in the Soil

Are the leaves on your plants becoming discolored and falling off? If so, you may be dealing with low nitrogen in your existing soil. The first thing you can do to address this problem is to add some compost. If you can’t raise the nitrogen in the soil with this method, a new load of top soil may be your best bet. With the help of top soil suppliers in Albany, NY, you can get the soil you need at a competitive price.

Addressing Problems With Low Phosphorus Levels

If the plants in your existing garden look purple, it is likely due to lower than normal phosphorus levels. Generally, problems with low phosphorus happen when the temperature of the soil is too low. One of the best ways to raise both the temperature and pH in the soil is by adding some lime. If you are planting in cold weather, using an organic starter fertilizer can also help boost low phosphorus levels.

Experienced top soil suppliers in Albany, NY can help you fix the problems in your garden. If more top soil is needed, these professionals can deliver.

One of the best top soil suppliers in Albany, NY is Troy Sand & Gravel. Visit their website to find out about the various materials they can supply.

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