Vital Characteristics Which Every Good Market Research Company for European Markets Should Possess

Posted by Phineas Gray on December, 2014

Finding the right company to undertake appropriate market research when you’re planning to expand into a foreign market can be difficult. With so many businesses to choose from, how can you be certain of picking the one which will provide high-quality information that will help you achieve your objectives? Luckily there are a number of traits which good market research companies which are Europe based will possess. Look for the following characteristics when picking a research company to assist your organization, in order to ensure the one you select will deliver premium research data which will give your international venture a significant advantage.

Local Knowledge
The people who know most about a country are usually those who live there, so if you’re planning to move into the European market, using market research companies from Europe would be essential. Ideally the company should have an office based in the country you are hoping to establish a relationship with; their staff should be fluent in both English and the native language, minimizing the risk of any communication difficulties. In addition they should be able to demonstrate an extensive knowledge of local customs and practices, enabling them to give suitable briefings to trade delegations and similar groups to maximize the chances of smooth, productive visits.

Transferrable to Your Niche
Some market research companies based in Europe may have great expertise in a particular industrial sector, but lack the necessary ability to transfer those abilities to your specific needs. Market research companies like Export Market Research Ltd. have excellent generic skills which work well for any business. Normally the right company for your needs will have a demonstrable track record of providing premium research information to a wide range of organizations, so there will be plenty of evidence no matter what sector you operate in, you will be able to get the data you need.

Flexible Provision that Works for You
Adaptability and the ability to customize work to meet your specific needs are absolutely critical in good Europe based market research companies. Whether you want data gleaned through face-to-face interviews, or need a wider, Internet-based piece of work undertaken to garner the views of a particular group, your chosen research organization should be able to deliver the work you want, when you want it. Not only should this include producing customer profiles and testing the market, there should also be opportunities for you to obtain useful business links, employment data, industry-specific information and other data which is required for successful penetration into a new market.

With branches in many of the countries for which it provides market research services, Export Market Research Ltd. uses native speakers who also speak other languages (including English) fluently to undertake its projects. Offering a versatile service which provides impeccable data to a wide range of organizations from diverse business sectors, it’s little wonder why Export Market Research Ltd. has been the preferred market research provider for a growing number of businesses who have successfully established a presence in European markets.

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