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Posted by Phineas Gray on December, 2014

Tourist destinations that are towns where people actually live every day of the year are always interesting places to shop in. Many people may wonder whether looking at Steamboat Springs homes for sale as an option to big city living. They think of tourist destinations as tourist traps with prices geared for the visitors. They think of expensive pricing for specialty items.

While this is the case for some shops, the residents always know where to get their groceries and other items without paying tourist prices. This has always been the case with towns and villages across the United States.  If you decide to purchase one of the select Steamboat Springs homes for sale on the market, you will quickly learn that, like any other small to medium town, this community has shops that are meant for tourists and other guests and those that the locals patronize.

The Steamboat Springs Farmers Market
The Steamboat Farmers Market is a new addition to the town. It has only been around for a decade. While this type of market is popular with tourists, it always serves as a focal point for residents.  Live music sounds through the parking lot on Yampa Street. About 75 vendors sell a variety of goods – both perishable and handicrafts. Here, you can shop for locally made baked goods as well as fresh produce and cheese. There are also prepared foods to take away for a picnic lunch or to serve for supper.

Food Stores
While many may shop at the Farmers Market every Saturday, others regularly go to the supermarket. In Steamboat Springs, this is the Safeway. As is true with any other Safeway across the country, you can purchase a variety of goods at reasonable prices. People who have recently looked at Steamboat Springs homes for sale, are pleased to find it readily accessible.

Sporting Goods
Some people who are interested in Steamboat Springs homes for sale, are avid skiers or into sports. If this is the case, there are many shops from which to choose. One that has found favor over the years among locals and tourists alike is the One Stop Ski Shop. This is the last family-owned ski shop in the town.

For boots, a natural choice is the oldest retailers in Steamboat Springs – F.M. Light and Sons. This store and family has been outfitting people since they first opened in 1905. They are now into the fourth generation of Lights. The Lights, like so many local retailers take pride in serving the community on a regular basis.

Considering Steamboat Springs Homes for Sale
There are many reasons why you may want to consider Steamboat Springs homes for sale. While schools is a popular reason – and the town has several, shopping is always considered important. While shopping may not have the depth of many communities, there are enough retail outlets that appeal to both the locals and the tourists making the mixture and interesting stew that will appeal to many a taste.



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