Types of SEO Services in Chicago Illinois

Whether you work in Chicago Illinois or New York City, you need to know the various types of SEO services available to you before choosing a firm. This way, you will understand a little more about white versus black or gray hat options and can make an informed decision that will benefit you and your company.

White Hat

White hat SEO services use methods and techniques that follow the guidelines for the search engine, typically Google, though others are available. These can improve your search engine rankings for your website. White hat options are the preferred method throughout the world because they are high-quality techniques that do not produce spam.

Techniques can include website HTML optimization, high-quality content development, link acquisition campaigns, restructuring, manual research and more.

Many people find that white hat services take longer to see the result, but afterward, produce steady and lasting ranking growth. Because it takes longer for results to be noticed, many businesses turn to other techniques that are of lower quality in order to get results quickly.

Black Hat

Black hat SEO services are considered poor choices for those who want to receive growth in rankings for long periods. Many search engines offer weaknesses in their algorithms. Algorithms are used by search engines to determine what is a good page and which ones should be first in the search bar, depending on the keywords used. Search engine guidelines state that exploiting weaknesses in the algorithm are against the rules though it can take a while to find those who are exploiting the algorithm and stop them. This is why black hat services are still prevalent in Chicago Illinois and elsewhere.

Black hat techniques can include keyword stuffing, cloaking, spank, hidden links or hidden text. While you are likely to find a quick growth in your ratings, it will be short-lived and unpredictable and can get you into trouble.

Gray Hat

Most SEO companies provide you with gray hat techniques, meaning they use mostly white hat methods, but may use black hat methods in certain areas or times. This is mainly because clients want results quickly, so the company will do whatever they must so the company starts seeing results and will back down those black-hat techniques and move into using white-hat techniques when possible. You will likely find a lot of gray-hat SEO companies out there because they will offer more affordable pricing.

SEO Services in Chicago, Illinois can be about page rankings or traffic, but choosing a company like SEO Solutions will allow you to have white hat options instead of the poorer-quality versions.