Areas Covered during a Building Inspection in Chicago

Posted by Alex on November, 2014

In order to ensure the safety of residents, building inspections are performed every time a home or a commercial building is purchased. There is a huge list of areas that professional inspectors will look at to determine whether or not a home is deemed safe. Due to the importance of inspections, it is crucial that homeowners only hire reputable inspection companies. Although there are a large number of contractors available that perform inspections, it is highly recommended that customers find out what areas are looked at during the inspection in order to ensure everything will be looked over. With many local, reliable inspectors available to choose from, individuals can feel confident that they are purchasing a home that is safe and up to code.

When a Building Inspection in Chicago is performed, there are several areas that will be thorough inspected. During the inspection, the expert will take his or her time and determine whether or not something poses a potential threat. The areas that will be inspected include:

1. Structural components such as the roof, foundation, and attic spaces. The inspector will be searching for water penetration and condensation
2. Exterior faults with the most common being broken seals around glass, deteriorating tread steps, and settlement cracks
3. Roofing is examined to ensure that no shingles are loose
4. Flashing on the roof is also tested to ensure no leaks are present
5. Plumbing fixtures are all tested for leaks, including drains and waste systems
6. Electrical components are examined to ensure proper installation
7. Heating and Air Conditioning is tested to make sure they are both in working condition
8. Appliances and interior of the home are also inspected for faults
9. Ventilation and insulation will be inspected for deterioration

Once a home has passed inspection, homeowners are able to move into their new home with confidence knowing their home is in optimal conditions. With many reputable contractors available to choose from, a Building Inspection in Chicago will be completed by experts who know what to look for and provide the most detailed reports for any potential problems. The inspection will be completed within a reasonable amount of time, leaving plenty of time for the new homeowners to enjoy their forever home.

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