Types of Designer Wallcoverings

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Home and Garden

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If you are looking to redecorate your house, you should start with the wall coverings. Previously, house owners simply opted for colorful paint on the walls. However, that trend is fast changing. More and more people have begun to install wallpapers and wall coverings in different rooms. Due to the rise in demand, many designers have also introduced their own wall coverings. Designer wallcoverings are significantly more expensive as compared to ordinary wall coverings. Since they are branded, most designers charge very high fees.

Many designers now offer a variety of different types of wall coverings. Here are some of the most common types of wall coverings sold by designers:


Duplex wall coverings are very popular nowadays. As the name suggests, a duplex covering is made when two sheets of paper are bonded closely together. They are mainly used for relief wall coverings and are significantly stronger than ordinary coverings. Moreover, these coverings don’t flatten very easily and are also very easy to hang.

Felt Coverings

Felt coverings look very beautiful in living rooms and bedrooms. Colored felt is glued to a stout paper backing in order to hang the covering. However, they are not very easy to maintain. Because of their heavy weight, felt coverings are not easy to hang. The width of the roll is usually 800mm, which makes it very difficult to hang. The coverings are usually hung with a ready mixed paste. Needless to say, they are very expensive. Most designers usually sell such coverings by the meter.

Foil Coverings

Foil coverings are mainly used in commercial environments. A fungicidal paste is used to hang these coverings on the wall. A plastic-coated metalized foil is stuck on a paper backing in order to make the covering. Some designers even create designs and shades on the metalized foil to make it look distinctive.


Hessian coverings have been around for a long while. They look very beautiful as well. Colorful fabric is pasted on a paper backed covering. It is usually sold by the meter. However, you can also purchase a whole roll of Hessian wall covering. The width of the roll is usually 900mm. A ready-mixed paste is used to hang the covering on the wall.

Hand-printed Wall Covering

Many designer wallcoverings are hand-printed. Not only do they look exquisitely beautiful on the walls, but the design is very unique as well. Since these coverings are printed by hand and not by machine, they have a very distinct look. However, hand-printed coverings are not easy to maintain. You can’t wash them easily either. Thus, they are not only expensive, but are also very difficult to maintain. However, only a few designers sell hand-printed coverings.

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