Troubleshooting Some Basic Water Heater Problems With Simple Solutions

For the most part, the water heater you have in your home is forgotten even though it provides a valuable commodity to your daily life. Hot showers, hot water for cleaning, and many other tasks you perform on a daily basis heavily rely upon your water heater, so when something is wrong, you will likely take notice. Check out two of the more common water heating unit problems below, along with potential causes and solutions for each.

Problem: The water is extremely hot at first but quickly dissipates.

It is not at all uncommon for hot water to have a sudden surge of hot water followed by lukewarm water when the heating elements in the unit need to be replaced. While replacing heating elements is a fairly straightforward task, contacting a local plumber for repair is the easiest way to ensure you have your water heater back up and servicing the home quickly.

Problem: You are finding tidbits of metal or white flecks in your hot water.

Older hot water heaters are fairly notorious for breaking down on the inside before they show signs that there are issues just by looking at the unit itself. If your hot water appears dirty, with flakes of debris, it is likely that the inner holding tanks are either coated with a massive amount of mineral deposits or starting to deteriorate inside. Either way, this sign means that it is a good idea to have the unit replaced as soon as possible to ensure the quality of your hot water.

Most water heaters have a fairly long lifespan, but they do occasionally cause problems and need to be replaced. If you need help or advice with your water heating unit, reach out to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for professional advice.

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