Traditional Wine Bottling Vs Wine Tap Systems

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Food and Drink

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What is Wine on Tap?
Wine on Tap is nothing alien or super scientific (never mind how intriguing it sounds). It simply describes wines that are stored in kegs instead of bottles. Wines on Tap are not made differently from conventional bottled wines; they all involve the same routine or artistry (depending on your level of passion for winemaking) process of picking grapes, washing and crushing, fermentation, etc. The differentiation comes in the packaging used.
In conventional bottling of wines, there’s a lot of labour put in (mechanical and physical) to get wine into bottles that can only hold so much; bottles have to be picked, inspected, washed, sanitized, rinsed, dried and filled with wine. While this might seem convenient for people who make wine specifically for personal consumption, it costs commercial winemakers a lot of resources to be able to produce a small bottle of wine.

What’s worse?
Wines in bottles are hard to preserve once opened as the process of oxidization is set in motion soon as the cork is popped. It does not take so long after for the wine to get spoilt.

Wine Tap Systems
Wine Tap systems involve a process of storing wine in wine kegs. Many winemakers (personal and commercial) have adopted wine taps systems in Texas and across the USA as a cheaper, better and more durable storing alternative to traditional wine bottling. The TapDance Wine Tap Systems in Texas have become a choice option for those who want to enjoy every drop of wine without having to deal with losses arising from spoilage or oxidization.

How do Wine on Tap systems fare against traditional bottling?
Less Work, More Wine: Wine Tap Systems like TapDance, require less physical labour and allow for more wine to be stored per container. This reduces the financial and non-financial costs of labour and resources that will be required in traditional bottling.

Eliminate the Negatives: There can be a lot of issues in the process of bottling wine – spillage, breakage, waste and loss of investment. Wine Kegs help remove all these negatives and keep your investment (and your enjoyment) intact.

With wine kegs like TapDance and Wine on Tap systems, you can be sure your wine will be good and fresh anytime you dispense, and you can drink at your own pace without having to work with the ticking lifespan clock of open wine bottles.

Now…who wouldn’t want that?

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