Top Facts About Process Management Coordinators in Danbury, CT

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Business

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When you are involved in the pharmaceutical industry, one of the positions that are frequently needed is that of a process management coordinator. Here is a little bit more about what they do and why they are important.


The main purpose of a Veeva PRC Coordinator is to make sure that assets are routed through the two processes they must endure: review and approval. This route will be in strict accordance with the policies of the company by which they are employed. It will also be governed by the acknowledged best practices standard within the noted industry. Compliance is assured by working with various partners and the process remains both expeditious and efficient.


Every company is different which also means every company has needs that are unique. Every Veeva PRC Coordinator is fully trained in various methods of workflow management, reviewing content, and annotation, among other skills.


The unique approach that a Veeva PRC Coordinator follows is totally scalable so that each solution can be customized to the company’s needs. Coordinators understand that when it comes to process management, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach.

Form 2253

The most important form that a coordinator can submit is Form 2253. This is why a properly trained PRC can ensure that it is filed not only correctly, but timely as well. This enables all regulatory signatures to be applied.

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