Tips to Improve Physical Fitness in Soccer Players

by | Aug 8, 2018 | Fitness

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If you’re looking to become a professional soccer player, you need to work on stamina, speed, and power. Even if you just want to improve to play with friends, these are the fundamentals you have to remember. Soccer is a serious sport and can be extremely demanding, but there are ways to gain an edge, which we’ll look at below.

Increase Running Stamina

This one is pretty easy to do. All you need is a treadmill. Hop on and run until you can’t anymore. The professionals are spending tons of time running to build stamina, which can be the reason for a winning game. Try jogging for five minutes and alternate with a five-minute run. You can add cones to get even more out of the workout.

Improve Directional Changes

Being fast is important, but you also need to be able to switch direction quickly. If your physical fitness program in Flemington, NJ, gives you access to cones, you can do a few drills in a zigzagging formation. You also need to be sure you can control the ball while on the fly so keep it nearby.

Build More Strength

While strength training might not be the first thing you think about in regard to soccer, it’s still important. Movements like lunges, squats, and deadlifts an offer major effects to power and agility. However, strength is best at helping with injury prevention as your tendons and ligaments will have more structure. Try a few lunges and squats at one of your workouts.

More Explosive Power

Training to become more explosive can take a lot of hard work. You need excellent technique and you need to be capable of giving it your all. You might want a specialized physical fitness program in Flemington, NJ, or at the least, a personal trainer. Some of the exercises you will want to focus on include burpees with tuck jumps, squat thrusters, and plyometric box jumps.

Time to Recover

While training is important, so is getting enough rest. Recovery has to be a consideration, since doing too much all the time can actually keep you from reaching your potential. Foam rolling or stretching after a workout is a great way to accommodate this on training days.

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