Tips for First-Time Users of Recreational Cannabis in Shoreline, WA

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2019

Although recreational cannabis in Shoreline WA has been legal for years, there are still plenty of people out there who have never given it a try. Readers who find themselves in this surprisingly large group are often hesitant to give it a shot because they don’t know what to expect. Those who want to overcome their fears can read on to find some tips for first-time cannabis users to ensure they’ll have the best possible experience.

Choose How to Smoke Wisely

There’s a big difference between how it feels to hit a rolled joint of cannabis and how it feels about smoke it through a giant bong. There are also plenty of options in between. First-time users should start by smoking small amounts of cannabis and shouldn’t jump into smoking blunts, bongs, or dabs until they’ve dipped their feet in and gotten a feel for how they’ll respond.

Choose Company Wisely

Readers should always choose their company wisely, and this is particularly true when they’re trying cannabis for the first time. Only smoke recreational cannabis in Shoreline WA with trusted friends, and don’t allow anyone else, especially strangers, to use peer pressure. It’s also wise to smoke for the first time in a comfortable environment instead of at a party surrounded by strangers.

Stay Hydrated

Although cannabis doesn’t lead to the same level of dehydration as drinking alcohol, it’s still worth paying some extra attention to how much water readers are consuming. This isn’t usually a hard tip to remember since smoking cannabis tends to lead to dry mouth, which makes recreational users thirsty. Readers should pay attention to their bodies and make sure they’re drinking as much water as necessary to assuage that dry mouth.

Dedicate Some Time

Don’t smoke cannabis for the first time immediately before doing something important like going to class or work. It’s especially important to never smoke cannabis before driving a car, no matter how experienced readers are with its effects.

Buy From a Legitimate Source

Only buy cannabis for recreational use from an approved dispensary. Like other substances, cannabis bought on the streets can be tainted but, thankfully, there are plenty of reputable dispensaries. Find us here online to learn about one local favorite.