Three Things That Determine Medical Malpractice in Rhode Island

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2020

Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell whether a case will qualify as a medical malpractice case or not. That’s why an individual needs to visit medical malpractice lawyers near Rhode Island if they feel like they might have a case. These are three factors that may qualify a case as a medical malpractice case:

The Patient Ended Up in Worse Condition

The fault could lie with the doctor or the facility when a person ends up in worse condition after treatment. It may mean that the specialist made an incorrect choice or a wrong movement.

The Doctor Failed to Diagnose or Misdiagnosed

Incorrect and missed diagnoses can affect a patient’s life for a long time. It could make healing take longer, or in worst cases, it can cause death. A person will most likely qualify for personal injury representation if the caregiver is guilty of either of those things.

A Procedure Was Performed Incorrectly

The law obligates specialists to remain alert and perform all procedures to the highest standard. He or she may be held accountable if any part fo a procedure was done incorrectly or not up to professional medical standards. One example is if a physician leaves an object inside of a person after surgery, and that person gets a life-threatening infection afterward.

The above-mentioned qualifiers are not the only instances that might qualify a case as a medical malpractice case. Other incidents may qualify. It’s best for anyone curious to contact medical malpractice lawyers near Rhode Island to get a definitive answer.

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