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A Divorce Attorney in Tacoma WA can guide you through divorce proceedings and enable you to make a valiant effort to dissolve your divorce amicably. He or she will prepare you for these proceedings and explain your rights in terms of the divorce agreement and child custody if it applies to your divorce. Your attorney will also present you with options that may enable you to come into an agreement with your spouse that will help you to end your marriage without significant difficulties.

Contested Divorces and Probabilities

A contested divorce in Tacoma WA is a form of divorce in which you and your spouse are unable to come into an agreement. This also applies to circumstances where your spouse wishes to prevent the divorce from occurring in the first place. In these situations, it is necessary to attempt mediation. This option allows you and your spouse to meet with your respective counsel after the divorce petition is filed.

During mediation, you will discuss property division and child custody. You and your spouse will both have the opportunity to express your concerns in terms of the agreement. If your spouse become argumentative and presents a threat to you during these proceedings, your attorney can step in and assist you. If mediation fails to produce an amicable resolution, it is necessary for you and your spouse to attend a divorce trial.

If a trial is necessary, a judge will make determinations based on the circumstances. If necessary the judge may issue a protection order to protect you and your children. During the trial the judge will listen to arguments on both sides to determine how your assets will be divided. If you have children, custody will be determined during a separate trial.


If will need a divorce attorney in Tacoma WA to assist you in dissolving your marriage through legal proceedings. By hiring an attorney it is possible for you to negotiate with your spouse in an non-argumentative manner which could prevent major upsets or difficulties. A divorce attorney is familiar with uncontested and contested divorces and will discuss your rights in terms of both probable scenarios. If you need legal assistance to end your marriage you should contact your preferred attorney and schedule a consultation or Click here for more details.

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