Think Safety First Then Visit Harley Davidson Dealers In Pittsburgh

Posted by Alex on June, 2015

Prior to heading to a local cycle dealer and buying a motorcycle, a person must become familiar with motorcycle safety. It’s good practice for a beginner to take a motorcycle safety course before buying a bike at one of the Harley-Davidson Dealers in Pittsburgh. A quality course will teach a person how to properly handle a motorcycle so that the rider has a safe experience. After the course is complete, it’s important for the new rider to buy the right type of motorcycle. A newbie rider shouldn’t buy a motorcycle that is too powerful.

Whether a person visits Z&M Cycle Sales or another cycle dealer, avoiding a powerful bike isn’t an easy thing to do. The motorcycles of today are more powerful than the ones that were made just 20 years ago. Manufacturers are able to squeeze more raw power out of smaller engines. Some people prefer to start out with engines that are around 300-cc. This gives a bike good power, but it’s not enough power to present new bikers with control issues while on the road. After a person has become accustomed to the power of a 300-cc motorcycle, they can move on to a bigger and more powerful model.

When a person visits one of the Harley-Davidson Dealers in Pittsburgh, they should be looking for bikes that have anti-lock brakes. These are the type of brakes that can save a person’s life. Studies have shown that bikes with anti-lock brakes are involved in about 40 percent fewer fatal crashes when compared to street bikes that don’t have ant-lock brakes. It’s believed that locking brakes can cause a biker to lose control and skid while attempting to quickly brake. Although anti-lock brakes are more expensive, it’s well worth saving up for them.

Before even looking for a nice Harley, a rider must think about which motorcycle helmet to purchase. Helmets save lives. Some people try to look cool by not wearing a helmet. It’s simply not worth the risk. Besides, there are plenty of helmets that have cool designs that can catch the attention of people. Riders can look just as cool with helmets as they can without helmets.

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