Signs that Your Pet Needs an Allergy Test

by | Jun 16, 2015 | Pets

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Having a pet comes with a lot of responsibility due to the fact that you have to care for the pets every need. Just like a human, pets are also susceptible to falling victim to different allergies and if not treated their allergic reactions can cause a lot of damage to your pet. In order to get the answers that you need regarding your pets allergies, you will need to go to a certified vet for help. Here are a few signs that pet allergy testing in Turnersville area veterinarian is needed.

Itching and Scratching
For the most part, all animals will scratch themselves from time to time as a force of habit. When this occasional itching begins to become more frequent, you need to think about getting your pet tested for allergies. Before resorting to the allergy testing, you need to make sure that your pet isn’t suffering from a flea infestation. Once you have cleared your animal of fleas, you need to schedule an appointment in order to get the allergy testing to determine what is causing the change in your animal. The faster you get this done, the more relief you will be able to give your pet.

Discoloration of the Skin
Another sign that you may notice when your animal needs to get an allergy test is patches of irritated red skin. Usually, the allergen that your dog is susceptible to will start to discolor the skin of your animal. When you start to notice this, you need to make sure to call your vet to find out what the best thing for you to do is. In some cases, they can prescribe you some ointments that will lessen the irritation until you are able to get in for the allergy test.

Recurring Infections
Yet another sign that you need to look for when it is time to get your pet an allergen test is recurring ear or skin infections. The more that these types of infections happen, the more risk you are putting your pet in. In order to get some relief for your pet, you will need to schedule an appointment with your vet. They will be able to check your dog for allergies and give them the treatments that they need to carry on a happy and fulfilling life. Be sure to detail the symptoms your pet has been facing so they can get the right treatment.

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