The Three Most Expensive Steaks In The World

Posted by Phineas Gray on February, 2015

Benjamin Steakhouse of NYC and Westchester has established itself as a premier steakhouse because Chef McLeod chooses only the best USDA prime beef from New York’s top meat markets. The divine flavor of each tender, juicy bite is one of the reasons Benjamin Steakhouse steaks are in a league all their own.

Benjamin Steakhouse offers six cuts of beef, including three of the most desirable steaks in the world:

Filet Mignon
Filet Mignon, one of the most desired steaks in the world, is notorious for its succulent tenderness and thick cut. Every cut of beef at Benjamin Steakhouse is carefully and precisely dry-aged in a handcrafted aging box, resulting in a unique concentration of flavor. Although Filet Mignon tends to have a mild taste, this aging process truly brings out the subtleties of flavor in this delicious cut of beef.

Prime Rib
Prime rib is one of the most popular cuts of beef on the market for steak lovers because of its superior tenderness and mouthwatering flavor. Benjamin Steakhouse rib eye steaks come from the finest USDA prime rib cuts of beef. Every rib eye steak is grilled to perfection, according to the guest’s specifications, and served while it is still sizzling hot.

Porterhouse steaks satisfy even the most discerning steak lovers because they include two tender cuts of beef in one steak, separated by a t-shaped bone. There is tenderloin on one side of the bone and New York strip on the other side. A porterhouse is similar to a T-bone steak with one main difference; the tenderloin portion is larger on a porterhouse steak. Chef McLeod expertly orchestrates the complex preparation of this dual-cut steak so each side is always cooked perfectly.

To truly appreciate the quality and flavor of these three cuts of beef, preparation is the key. At Benjamin Steakhouse, guests can be rest assured that every steak will be expertly prepared to perfection.