Getting Over Fear of Flying- Simple Tips That Help

Posted by Phineas Gray on February, 2015

Getting over fear of flying can be difficult for many people. Most of the people who fear flying are those that were introduced to a bad experience at an early age. This experience can be of many types: They might have traveled on a plane which experienced a lot of turbulence, or they may have read about a major airplane crash at an early age. This is the age where children are forming their views and opinions about life. Left untreated, the fear continues to grow with until there comes a point when the person finds it difficult to even step on a plane.

However, in the modern world, getting over fear of flying is more of a necessity. Air travel is considered to be the most convenient form of travel. It is safe, timely and in most cases, pretty cost effective. Because travel is pretty much a need for every progressive individual, getting over fear of flying becomes more of a pressing requirement than a nonchalant achievement. Here are a few tips that can help:

1. Understand How an Aircraft Really Flies

Many people fear flying because they do not understand how aircrafts take flight. Several studies have shown that a major cause for the fear of flying is simply the drastic lack of knowledge amongst people about the operations of an aircraft. As a person finds out more and more about the robust operations of aircrafts, their fear begins to alleviate. For instance, many people believe that turbulence is incredibly dangerous. A simple talk with a pilot reveals that turbulence is actually quite common, and does not pose a major threat to aircrafts.

2. Talk to Others With The Same Fear

Most people who fear flying consider themselves to be along. One of the best ways to get over fear of flying is to find somebody who also shares the same fear. There are many forums in which people can meet. A simple online search is the best way to begin.

Talking with another person also allows a person to share their fears, and understand theirs in return. Sharing is the best way to move forward. Two people who share their fears can help each other overcome them. They can decide even decide to take a test flight together!

3. Talk to a Psychologist

Studies have shown that many people who have difficulty in getting over fear of flying suffer from psychological problems. For instance, they may not actually fear flying, but might fear closed spaces (claustrophobia). Talking to a psychologist can be a great way to share issues and problems that a person might have, and receive adequate treatment for it as well.

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