The Three Most Commonly Reported Ear Diagnosis in Allentown PA

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2017

A family physician can treat a wide array of health problems, but serious issues with the inner or outer ear can require the expertise of an Otolaryngologist. Specialists of this nature are trained in treating medical conditions relating to the ear, nose, and throat and have the expertise to determine an Ear Diagnosis in Allentown PA and provide the appropriate treatment. Don’t allow a health issue with the ear and it’s delicate workings lead to poor hearing, nausea or headaches. Reach out to a doctor at the first sign of trouble so that the following dangerous conditions can be avoided.

Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease, commonly referred to as water on the ears, occurs as a result of fluid buildup in the inner ear canal. This most often occurs after swimming or contact with water and can lead to dizziness and hearing issues if left untreated. An ear irrigation system can help remove the liquid, but if the moisture was left for too long, it might require antibiotics to fight off any infection that is present.


Barotrauma occurs as a result of elevation changes. What may seem like a small popping of the ears, could damage the inner ear canal and the eardrum if not treated properly. The most common side effects include inner ear pressure and temporary hearing loss. This condition will typically alleviate with time but may require medical attention if the pressure is not alleviated within 24 hours.


Tinnitus, or a ringing in the ears, can cause headaches and hearing loss. The most common cause of this condition is medication or exposure to loud noises. Most tinnitus will resolve within a couple of days. A chronic tinnitus Ear Diagnosis in Allentown PA may require the use of hearing aids, sound canceling devices, or therapy to develop coping skills to deal with the noise. Tinnitus can also be an indicator of other issues and is one of the first signs of an inner ear infection.

Living with a severe ear condition can be frustrating and leave a person feeling miserable. The physicians at Allen ENT can help by providing innovative care using some of the latest diagnostic equipment available. Visit to learn more about the treatment they provide and get relief from ear related issues once and for all.

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