The Responsibilities of a Stock Transfer Agent

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Financial Services

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A transfer agent is a trust company or another type of financial institution that is assigned by a specific corporation in order to maintain the records of the investors as well as the transactions and balances of their accounts. They are also responsible for cancelling any issuing certificates and to help process their mailings. They also deal with any other problems associated with their funds. However, a stock transfer agent is typically a third party who cancels shareholder certificates from the shareholder who sells the stock shares, and then substitutes a new owner’s name on the listing.

Stock Transfer Agents

Stock transfer agents are primarily responsible for verifying stock ownership and the usage of signature guarantees. In the United States this is called the Medallion Signature Guarantee. A signature guarantee is a warranty from a specific guarantor that the person who endorsed it is the right person in order to transfer the ownership or security. This helps to validate how genuine the transaction is and is backed by a bond which helps to protect the customer from fraud and other issues. Transfer agents can work for both public and private companies.

In layman’s terms, a stock transfer works on behalf of an organization in order to keep track of outstanding stock certificates and the individual who it is registered to. When one stock is transferred from one individual to the next one, the agent is who is responsible for performing the transaction and recording it.

Saving on Costs

Even though a stock transfer is an important function for a number of different companies, many of these companies are looking for ways that they can cut back on costs. If your company needs to keep your stock transfer costs down, you want to make sure you review the past 6 months of invoices and is there is anything that you are not sure about, contact your transfer agent immediately. You can also talk to your agent about whether or not your current rates are competitive. If not, you can always ask for rates from various different competitors. You can also contact your agent for advice on how to save money.


It may sound like a complicated process but that is why you should hire a transfer agent to make sure everything stays in order and you can focus on various other aspects of your business.

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