Questions Every Woman Should Ask A Divorce Lawyer

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on April, 2016

During the process of getting a divorce it is only understandable that emotions often run high, for this reason alone choosing the best divorce lawyer for women in Houston can be tricky. If your children have not yet reached legal age you will want to consider a lawyer that is used to family courts and dealing with child support, access, care, etc. If the relationship you have with your spouse is one that includes a jointly owned business then your lawyer should be have expertise in this area. If you have limited financial means you may wish to consider younger lawyers who often charge lower fees. Regardless of what lawyer you eventually end up with always remember that there will be a need to talk openly and discuss matters which are quite sensitive and personal.

* What are a woman’s rights?

Laws exist to protect the financially weaker spouse and minor children, in the eyes of the law it is important that everyone is housed and has enough money to live on. When a fair financial settlement is agreed upon it is based on the couple’s assets that were acquired during the term of their marriage, income and any other monetary resources. These must be divulged as the settlement is based on an equitable distribution of assets that meet the needs of the individuals and their children.

* How to protect your rights prior to the divorce:

Any divorce lawyer for women in Houston will tell you not to leave the house in the event your marriage breaks down, to do so puts your soon to be ex husband in the driver’s seat. Make it your business to gather as much legitimate paperwork as you can but never forget; there are boundaries to what you can access, your lawyer can make you aware of what they are. Make sure you find out how much money is in the bank and tied up in securities. If you see that credit cards are being stopped or money begins to flow from a joint account this should be a red flag that prompts you to call your lawyer.

* When divorce is inevitable what steps should you take?

Firstly, don’t rush into making a rash decision, one that will impact your life for years to come. Give priority to your children; your marriage may not have worked out as you thought it would but you will be sharing the child rearing duties so work together in this area. Never use your children as pawns, if their interests are not a high priority they may end up becoming collateral damage.

Don’t spend a great deal of time focusing on who’s at fault; rarely is one’s behavior taken into account when establishing the financial arrangements. Listen to the advice of your divorce lawyer for women in Houston; save your time and energy for yourself. Fighting and arguing over fault is nothing but a stressful waste of time that will get you nowhere.

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