The Items to Keep When Using Shredding Services in Los Angeles

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2017

Business date and personal information are not only stolen through online hacking. Many identity thefts take place in-person when files and paperwork are deposited in dumpsters. Businesses must be especially careful because it is not only their information at risk. They are responsible for the personal information they have for their employees and clients. Shredding Services in Los Angeles make it simple to discard unneeded files in a safe manner that will prevent any privacy intrusions. When using these services, it is very important to make certain only obsolete files are destroyed. Here are the things people should not shred at home or at the office.

  • Receipts, financial records, and forms related to any tax returns should be kept for at least 3-7 years. Employee records also fall under this category and should be kept at least four years, even if the individuals are no longer company employees.
  • Property titles and deeds and any other contracts or papers that prove ownership should be kept on file.
  • Detailed financial records are also important. Many of these may already have been condensed in reports for tax purposes but ledgers and daily transaction reports may prove beneficial if the IRS schedules an audit.
  • Keep all current partnership agreements, client contracts and similar items.

Keep personal information like life insurance policies so beneficiaries are aware of their existence. Wills and trusts are not always filed with probate offices or kept by the attorney that prepared them. It is possible to get copies of documents like birth certificates, marriage and divorce paperwork and social security cards but having them on hand will prevent any delays when they are needed.

Many business owners have questions about how Shredding Services in Los Angeles operate and how they can be certain about the confidentiality of the service. This concern is why the bulk of all shredding is done at the client’s location. It is possible for anyone to watch the entire procedure take place. Off-site shredding is also available if the client prefers and it is guaranteed to be as secure as the work performed on location.