A Complete Guide for Hard Drive Destruction in Irvine

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on May, 2018

Hard drives are the most popular medium of storage all across the globe. Hard drives are available in several different storage sizes and are designed for protection against the elements. In many corporations, the hard drives that are full to capacity are taken out and stored separately. The drives are generally stored in backup storage rooms and can be accessed whenever needed. They are tagged and labelled depending upon the data stored within them. However, certain drives that contain sensitive data, such as information related to the company’s R&D or corporate secrets, need to be destroyed properly. Hard drive destruction should be carried out by a professional to ensure that it takes place in a safe and secure environment. Here is a basic guide to help you with hard drive destruction.

Contact a Data Destruction Company

There are numerous companies in Irvine that specialize in destroying data and shredding paper and official documents. Companies such as website specialize in offering destruction for hard drives and other kinds of storage media. When you contact the company for their data destruction services, you should let them know about the number of hard drives that need to be destroyed and disclose any special requirements that you may have.

Sending the Drives

Once you hire a company for destroying the hard drives, they will set a date and time for the pickup. The company will send over a representative to pick up the drives from your workplace. They will give you an invoice for the destruction including the estimated time until the drives are permanently destroyed. Usually, hard drive destruction in Irvine is carried out on the same day. If the number of drives is higher, it may take a day or two more.