The Importance of Sealcoating in Jackson, MI

Posted by admin on June, 2014

Asphalt pavement is very tough, but it still needs some maintenance to protect it from being broken down by the weather, debris, and fluids that leak from cars. There are two main things that will need to be done. First, it will need to be regularly swept to remove sand and other abrasive particles. Then, every year or so, it will need to be sealcoated.


Many people think of this as something that’s done for streets, but it’s also important for parking lots. Companies don’t just hire street sweepers for their lots to keep them looking good. The sweeping machines also get rid of sand, broken glass, and other such materials. If left alone, these particles would be ground into the pavement by the tires of passing cars, and work like sandpaper to destroy the outer layer of pavement.


In this process, two or more layers of sealant are applied to the surface of the asphalt. This protects the pavement from being softened and degraded by the fluids that leak from cars. Sealcoating In Jackson MI also protects the asphalt from the harsh freeze/thaw cycles the area endures. Water from rain and melted snow enters the tiny pores of uncoated pavement, and once it freezes again, swells and forces the matrix of the pavement apart. The end result is cracks or even shattering of the pavement surface. Since Michigan gets plenty of snow and cold, pavement must be sealed so that water can’t get into the surface and cause this damage.

Of course, sealcoating also provides the appearance of a new surface. This is important to businesses because it makes the premises look great and helps to attract customers. A well-maintained parking lot, along with a building in similar condition, is always more enticing to passers-by.

Both pavement sweeping and Sealcoating In Jackson MI are simple forms of maintenance when you hire a professional to get these jobs done. It isn’t hard to find an asphalt company to do this sort of work. Companies like Asphalt Solutions Plus can handle all of your maintenance, repair, and installation needs so that you never have to worry about taking care of your lot yourself.