Finding Quality Pet supplies in Folsom CA That Are Actually Healthy

Posted by alex on June, 2014

People who are careful about the health of their pets know that not all pet food is created equal. Many pet owners have resorted to buying expensive pet foods or making their own because they don’t trust the pet food industry. Although there are several quality pet products out there, some people don’t know what to look for, so here is a run-down on buying pet supplies in Folson CA.


Just as you should read the labels on the food you buy for yourself, so should you when purchasing food for your pet. Ingredients that contain such things as meat by-products, poultry by-products or animal by-products should be immediately put back on the shelf. Creating a by-product is a process in which entire animals are ground up and made into a powdery substance. That means pet foods that contain a by-product includes heads, feet, bone, intestines and other unsavory things. Because the pet food industry is not as regulated, by-products can also contain chemicals that can be harmful to your pet. By-products are usually added to the low-end pet food, so read labels.


Contrary to by-product, ingredients containing things like chicken meal, soy meal or beef meal are completely safe to feed to your pet. The process of creating  meal is simply the removal of water and fat from the product. Most pet foods that contain meal specify what type of meal is used, and some pet foods list specific ingredient break-downs on their websites. Finding Pet supplies in Folsom CA that contain good ingredients is not difficult, it just takes a little reading and insight into what the ingredients mean.


Although this product is a popular one, it is not the best thing to give to your dog. Rawhide has several risks to your dogs, including choking and intestinal blockages. The biggest issue that vets seem to have with rawhide is it getting stuck in the pet’s digestive track and requiring surgery to remove it. It would be advisable to stay away from any rawhide products and lean toward homemade treats and chew toys that are less likely to be swallowed.

Protein vs. Whole Grains

It must be stated that unless your pet is allergic to whole grains, buying pet food that does not have whole grains included is a bad idea. Whole grains help with digestion and energy for your pet, just like carbohydrates and fiber help with human health.

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