The Importance of Properly Treating Hand Pain to Limit Side Effects

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on April, 2020

Most people never give much thought to their hands until something happens that makes them feel pain, stiffness or weakness in their hands or wrist areas. We use our hands constantly throughout the day. Our hands help us write, draw, cook, bathe, play instruments and fix our hair each day. When the hand is injured or becomes painful due to many different health conditions, the pain and discomfort often hinders the person’s ability to live their lives as they always did before. A compassionate group of seasoned pain physicians that treat hand pain in Jacksonville fully understand the importance of properly treating hand pain to limit the dangerous side effects.

We use our hands almost every minute of the day. If you have never noticed, try wrapping up your hand and putting it into a sling for even a day. It is amazing how many times our hands are involved in things that we do every hour and even minute. Many health conditions can cause hand pain. Examples include diabetes, arthritis, various autoimmune disorders and lots of injuries. If not treated properly, a painful hand could become worse if the fingers and small complex hand components are cut off from the necessary blood supply for even a short period of time. Fortunately, there is impressive help for hand pain by a Jacksonville based pain physician practice.

A number of things could cause hand pain to occur. Rheumatoid arthritis is a common complaint of individuals with painful hands. Pain is caused by the joint swelling that happens as the patient’s body tries to fight off what the body misjudges as a foreign invader. The resulting joint inflammation cuts off blood circulation and presses on nearby nerves causing pain. Contact Riverside Pain Physicians at online for hand pain relief in Jacksonville.

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