How Accident Attorneys Level the Negotiating Field for Victims

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on April, 2020

If you have been injured in a car accident, the experience offered by a competent car accident lawyer in Ponte Vedra can be invaluable. Sadly, some individuals opt to represent themselves. The results they get are negative. Study after study shows that when a person uses a personal injury attorney to represent them after an accident, the amount of money they receive from the claim is higher.

When a person chooses to handle their own accident or injury claim, insurance companies respond by offering the minimal amount of settlement money. They may use intimidation and pressure techniques to get a person to accept a low figure for their accident.

Some people, because of financial pressure and desperation, accept the low-ball figure. They soon realize that their injuries were much more serious than what they thought at the outset or need future expensive medical treatment. Now, they have no recourse because of accepting a low settlement.

A car accident lawyer in Ponte Vedra can help their clients level the negotiating field. They understand how much insurance companies are willing to pay for certain injuries, and they understand circumstances that could force insurance companies to settle for more than what is accepted.

It is interesting to know that even lawyers who are experienced do not represent themselves in court if they have legal trouble. Instead, they entrust their legal representation to other legal professionals. They often do this because they understand that a hired lawyer will not have an emotional reaction to their case.

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