The Importance of Planning Your Estate and Detailing Your Final Plans Now

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2019

The idea of passing on unexpectedly can be upsetting. Still, even if you expect to live into your old age, you still have to prepare for the possibility that your plans could go awry.

Rather than leave your family to cope with planning your funeral and settling your estate, you can take care of these tasks now by creating a final will and testament. By hiring a living wills lawyer in Moline, IL, you can put into writing exactly what you would like done in the event that you pass away suddenly.

Putting Your Funeral Plans in Writing

One of the most emotional burdens put on families involves planning out the funeral of a loved one. They have to sit through a heart-wrenching planning session and then figure out a way to pay for the plans that they want for the loved one’s funeral. The entire process can take a heavy toll on grieving families.

You can relieve much of this burden on your loved ones by writing out what you would like for your funeral. When you work with a living wills lawyer in Moline, IL, you can dictate where you would like your funeral held and where you would like to be buried. You can also indicate in your will that your life insurance should be used to pay for these final expenses.

Listing Heirs

Your lawyer can also put into writing whom you would like to name as your heirs. If you do not list any heirs in a will, you leave your estate open to being settled by the local probate court. The judge could name an heir that you would not want to benefit from your estate.

Working with a local living wills lawyer can help you prepare for the future. Schedule your consultation today.

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