Hardwood Floors or Carpet in Wheaton: A Few Pros and Cons of Each

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Home Improvement

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Carpet or hardwood? That is the question many people deal with when deciding on new floors. They both make great choices and as well have their respective pros and cons. Read on for a short comparison and contrast between the two.


Hardwood floors are generally a more durable choice than carpet in Wheaton. That being said, carpet can withstand its share of wear and tear, especially if it is coated with spray protection. Also, carpet can resist sitting water longer than hardwood, which will warp or crack when left wet.


Carpet in Wheaton offers a feeling of softness that you just can’t get with hardwood. Also, carpet is not cold to the touch, like hardwoods are, meaning your feet will stay warmer in the winter with a carpeted home.


Hardwood is so easy to install that many homeowners opt to do it themselves thanks to the tongue and groove feature with many hardwood products. Carpet, on the other hand, is more time consuming and requires more tools and expertise, except carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are square easy-to-install pieces that fit together as quickly as tongue-and-groove hardwood planks.


Carpet as a material is generally cheaper than hardwood. However, the cost of installation could eat up some, but not all, of that difference. Additionally, you may need to replace your carpet flooring sooner than you would hardwood, which brings the overall cost of the two much closer. That being said, carpet still ends up being cheaper overall in most instances, despite adding in all of the above factors.


Hardwood floors require less maintenance than carpet. Carpet is a magnet for dust, particles, dirt, and other contaminants. You need regular vacuum and steam cleanings to keep your carpet in good shape. With hardwood floors, all you need is regular sweeping and occasional mopping.

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