The Importance of Installing Quality Air Conditioning Filters in Kitsap County

Posted by Daniel lawrence on September, 2016

Having a good heating & an air conditioning system in your home plays an essential part in your comfort levels and even your safety. Several studies have shown that indoor air pollution is a significant health risk, especially for children.

Changing air conditioning filters in Kitsap County regularly are also important to the continued functionality of your HVAC system. This is because a clogged AC filter will reduce the inflow of air into your home, increase the amount of time that your system has to run, and it will place a substantial amount of stress on its components. These resulting forces will definitely reduce the lifespan of your AC.

The Right Time to Change Your Filters

There are no concrete rules for this, other than that you should check your filters regularly and change them as soon as you think they are due for removal. Old air conditioning filters will usually have a grey and saturated look, from all the dust they have accumulated. The factors that might affect the replacement intervals include:

     *     Type of filter installed in the A/C.

     *     Quality of air in the area.

     *     Level of pollution from nearby construction or factories.

     *     Number of home occupants.

     *     Pets.

Getting Professional Help

To be sure that the job is done well, and that you can rely on your air conditioning system over the coming months, you should hire technicians with experience in maintaining air conditioning filters.

Experts like Quality Heating & Air Conditioning will be able to get the best implements for your particular system and also to install it perfectly. These admirable companies maintain their products for maximum functionality and longevity.

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