Potential Benefits of Owning Swimming Pools in Islip, NY

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Swimming Pool

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While it may be a bit expensive to install a pool, there are a number of potential benefits to doing so. Understanding these may make it a little easier to justify the expense of adding a pool to your home.

May Increase Activity Levels and Time Spent Outdoors

People with Swimming Pools in Islip NY may be more likely to spend more time outdoors and being active, both of which have a number of health benefits. In the summer, a backyard pool may be just the thing to get kids away from sitting in front of screens. The increased activity level can have beneficial effects on weight. Those who don’t know how to swim can get exercise just by walking, running, or doing water aerobics. Being more active, in general, helps people sleep better.

May Increase Time Spent With Friends and Family Members

Families with swimming pools in Islip NY tend to find that their homes may turn out to be the summer gathering spots for all kinds of friends and family members who don’t have pools. This means a lot more socializing is possible without even leaving the comfort of the home. Kids will be more likely to be home where parents can keep an eye on them. Everyone will want to take advantage of the fun way to stay cool offered by the pool.

May Increase Home Value

While this isn’t guaranteed, as some potential home buyers won’t want to have to deal with the added time, effort, and expense necessary to maintain a pool. A pool, especially an in-ground pool, may increase a home’s value by five to ten percent. This is truer in some areas of the country and some neighborhoods than others, however.

May Decrease Stress Levels

Many people find that spending time in water or looking at water is relaxing, so having a pool can be a form of stress-relief. This can be especially true if you opt for a more natural-looking pool or one with a water feature. The more attractive the pool is, the more potential it has for increasing feelings of calm and relaxation.

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