The Importance of Evaluating a Home’s Locks and When to Call an Emergency Locksmith in Las Vegas NV

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on October, 2016

The fact is, if someone wants to gain access to another person’s home bad enough, there are a number of ways they can do it. The ultimate goal of the lock installed is to help impede the progress the intruder makes so there is a chance to catch them. While there is no question a homeowner should contact an emergency locksmith in Las Vegas NV if their home has been broken into, there are a few things they can do regarding the locks in their home to prevent this occurrence to begin with.

Install Deadbolts

It is imperative that deadbolts are installed on a home. While the majority of lever and knob locks offer some level of security, a deadbolt can help to deter a break-in. However, an issue that may occur if a deadbolt is not installed properly is that the hole on the door frame isn’t drilled deep enough to allow the bolt to fully engage. If the deadbolt lock is unable to extend completely, then the lock is essentially ineffective.

Check all Windows

If a window slides to open and it is easily accessed from the exterior of the home, then a homeowner needs to install some second type of lock on them than the one the windows were installed with. The majority of windows locks are only latches that hold the window in the closed position. These don’t really provide any high-level of security. In fact, most are easily opened from the outside with minimal effort.

Sliding Glass Doors

Traditional patio doors are extremely vulnerable entry points since they are typically located in the back portion of the house. The doors are typically only secured by the same latch that secures windows. Also, if the door was not installed properly in the frame, this creates another security concern. It is a good idea to install some type of secondary locking mechanism on patio doors, or a door pin, to reduce the potential of this door becoming a point of entry for a burglar.

In most cases, an emergency locksmith in Las Vegas NV can help with each of these issues. More information about these services is available by visiting the website. Being informed can help ensure any home remains secure.

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