Buying Optic Scopes in Shepherdsville, KY for Rifles: A Beginners Guide

Posted by Daniel lawrence on October, 2016

Even the most experienced shooter can use a little help to reach targets that may be a distance away. In order to get a clearer picture of the target, Optic Scopes in Shepherdsville KY, specifically made for rifles are used. The easier the target is to see, the more opportunity for accuracy. Gun owners that have never purchased an optic scope have a lot to think about before making a final decision.

How to Read a Scope

All scopes are described in the same fashion, making it easy to compare one scope to another. Two numbers, separated by an X describe the two most important things to look at when making a purchase. The first number describes the scope’s magnification. The second number describes the objective lens’ diameter. These numbers can ensure that a rifle owner purchases the scope that will best suit his or her needs. For many people, the best place to test out their new scope is the Knob Creek Gun Range.


How much magnification does a shooter need? The number listed on the scope is how many times larger the actual image will be. The higher the number, the more magnification. Don’t be surprised if there are two numbers listed with a dash in between. A scope’s magnification can be adjusted based on the target and location, so the two numbers describe the magnification range available with a given scope. Someone looking to shoot a target at a considerable distance is going to want more magnification. However, someone shooting at a moving target, like a hunter, might not need as much magnification.


As with most things surrounding a gun, size matters. The objective lens determines just how much a person is able to see and how clear an image will be. The larger the lens, the more light is allowed in. This means that a larger lens is going to be able to provide a clearer picture. At first glance, it might seem like everyone could benefit from the largest Optic Scopes in Shepherdsville KY possible. But in reality, the larger the scope, the more problems occur in regards to where the scope will be installed as well as the bulk and weight it adds to the gun.

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