The Importance Of Colocation Web Hosting

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on July, 2021

Not all businesses require the option for colocation web hosting. However, for those businesses with specific requirements for security, workload, and designing their own server infrastructure, this offers an ideal solution.

Colocation is renting or leasing dedicated space in a data center for equipment that is owned by a business. This includes one or more servers as well as any associated equipment. The data center provides the physical space and, in most cases, the secure location to maintain the server and equipment.

There are several cost-saving and time-saving advantages to colocation web hosting. These include:

  • High-security levels – not only is the data center secured, but the colocation area can be designed with the required security for the company. This could include card or code access only by specified individuals at the data center.
  • Increased bandwidth potential – the data center is always connected with major Internet carriers, hubs, and networks. Servers at the data center that are collocated have access to these networks, providing significantly more bandwidth than possible when housed at a business.
  • Optimal server environment – data centers are maintained at the optimal cold temperature for server performance. They are also designed with multiple levels of power redundancy and protection from power surges.
  • Server location – with the option for colocation, the business can host the server at a data center that is right for the needs of the business and the customers.
  • Compliance with data storage requirements – locating the server in the area where the data is collected avoids possible issues with data storage and transmission laws, which vary across different geographic areas.

The cost of colocation is also less than building a server room and maintaining a physical server. It also limits the need for in-house IT teams to manage and maintain the server throughout its life cycle.

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